Craving Adventure

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas and winter activities.
But I love summer activities more.
I'm craving adventure.

I want to go camping
and swimming
and kayaking
and horseback riding
and hiking
and millions of other things.

Nostalgia from this past summer:

 (Root Glen)


 (Tongue Mountain Range, Lake George)

 Totally rocking the Kaytee Bird hat from my gramma in some of these.
Oh memories, how I miss you.

Exploring Root Glen and picking mushrooms..
Spending summer afternoons by the river, in our not-so-secret secret spot..
Hiking for HOURS in the mountains only to stumble upon a creepy old cabin
and end up camping out on top of roots and a trillion big black spiders.
But all the backbreaking sweat was worth it as soon as we jumped in that water...

I can't wait for next summer's adventures.  Hopefully they're bigger and better than ever!

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