Chance Encounters

We all start out as strangers.

We drive past each other on roadways.
We sit near each other in the theatre.
We walk by each other in supermarkets.

Occasionally we turn our heads,
we glance at each other,
our eyes meet.

A smile.
A blush.
A stare too long.
A glance quickly away,
and then quietly back again,
through a strand of hair.

Time stands still.
The trivial things occurring around us disappear.
We forget why we were here in the first place.
We only see
eyes, lips, nose, and hair.
Did you smile back?
Did you stare too long?
So caught in the moment,
wide eyed, beaming,
unaware of your own reactions.

These chance encounters,
that fuel our dreams and delight our hopes.
No promises, just wishes.
Secret thoughts in secret places of your mind,
while standing in aisle four.

And then they're gone.
 Without being aware you're feet have moved you 
to another place, and with it,
another time.
The clock starts ticking again,
and with each tick of the clock
your heart beats.
A little too quick.
Excitement courses through your veins,
and so does disappointment.
Do you go back and say hello?
Do you ask for a name?
But you don't.
And it's over.

These chance encounters,
these fleeting moments that haunt us in our sleep.
That give us longings for things we do not know
or understand.
And sleepless nights of made up stories in our minds.

And as we pass the same aisles on different days,
we will look for each other,
our eyes searching longingly for the other.
Until we forget,
and become strangers once more.

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