The other day I came across this trailer for a new documentary coming out.
The film, Midway, promises to take you on a journey of beauty, sorrow, and self-realization as you
see life through the eyes of albatross on Midway in the North Pacific.
Such a far away place, yet so filled with the pollution that we create in the US and so many other places in the world, Midway is an example of the balance of life and it's frailty.

The mistakes of humans and the damage we have caused to places even as remote as this is unforgivable.
My hope for this film is that it will be an outcry, a wake up call, to all of us.  That the next time you throw something in the trash, or buy something without taking into consideration what it is made of and where it will end up when you no longer want it, you will stop yourself and think.
What are the consequences of my actions?
What if everyone in the world bought, discarded, used, acted, the same way that I do?
What will become of this world?

I know that this will be a beautiful, heart-wrenching film by Chris Jordan and I hope that you will spread the word and watch it when it's released.

Go to the website for more information here:

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