The East

Political, raw, and revealing, this thriller is about a woman, Sarah, who works for a company that "protects the best interests" of large corporations.  She meets a group of radicals who are filled with passion and freedom and finds herself struggling between the two separate worlds she lives in, and the two separate people she is becoming.

One of my favorite actresses, Ellen Page, stars in this movie along with Shiloh Fernandez, Brit Marling, and Patricia Clarkson just to name a few of the great actors that are in this film.  If you're anything like me, the group of extremists will become your family, you will share their hopes and fears.  You will feel the freedom that comes with knowledge.  You will feel the happiness that comes with real love - raw love.  Not the kind of love that involves roses, and titles and dinners at a fancy restaurant.  No, instead you will feel the kind of love that comes from honesty, openness, and belonging.  You will grow an understanding, if you don't already have one, of the problems that are real to our society today - the corruption, the lust, the greed.  I don't know as if I've ever seen a film that does such a great job of portraying the feelings and passions that come with knowing the truth, as well as the burdens.


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