ADK by Train

 Happy to be able to see each other!
The guy sitting next to us thought we were Hamilton College students.

 Guilty of not taking very many good pictures during the ride up. Oh well, it's beautiful nonetheless.

Keye's Pancake House was such a great disappointment! I had heard from my gramma multiple times how awesome it used to be but....Eli had to have his food recooked 3 times because they kept serving him frozen/raw chicken...then burnt chicken...it was ridiculous.  Also the price of real maple syrup was insane..oh yeah, and barely anything vegetarian or vegan on the menu of course.

Old maps at the museum.

Really awesome dollhouse!!

Old-fashioned doctor's office.

Miniature train station model!

 Just creepy...

 Poor Buster :(

 Wish I could have stopped in.

Not nearly as big on the inside as it looks on the outside! So sad.

Addicted to these wind chimes.


 Rainbow Zen heaven!! So glad we got to stop in, I've been so sad that the one in New Hartford closed!

 So lucky to have such a magnificent creature as my sister :)

 Sometimes I make faces, I don't know.

 Eli found some mushrooms to examine!

 Awesome new matching mood rings from Rainbow Zen!

 Going back home..

 The beginning of a foot pile.

 Such a cute little brother :)

 Eli's turn with the camera, and Emily finally cheering up!

 All very flattering of course...

 Emily's turn with the "big camera".

 Demon eyes?

 It was so amazing getting to stick our arms and heads outside while we stood in-between cars. The air was so crisp and invigorating!

 Think dauntless thoughts :)

 We're not quite sure. haha

There were literally just those small bars separating us from the stream below.

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