For Thanksgiving this year I wanted to do something "nontraditional" since, well, I'm not exactly fond of the holiday.
So in honor of the Native Americans who lost so much after the pilgrims came, I decided to make some Native American foods to celebrate them.
I really wanted to share the meal so I persuaded my mother into letting me come over to share with the kids, even though she cooked a somewhat traditional American Thanksgiving meal.

My interpretation of Santa Clara Bean Loaf

 A vegan version of Oneida Corn Soup

Scalloped Wild Onions

I also made two kinds of yummy fry breads, sorry, I didn't take a lot of pictures!
( For the recipes to these dishes and more click HERE! )


I was even lucky enough to be able to bring the kids home for the night.
We decided to go sledding at the school the next morning.

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