So not the usual adventure, but still a really exciting one for me...
I finally finished dreading my hair!

I'm so excited to have them done.  This has really been such a spiritual thing for me and I feel so good about it.
Although I'm still a little self-conscious about them I know it will be worth it.
I feel like so much in my life is changing and I'm growing in so many ways and I really just want to step out and express that on the outside, to let go of blending in and accept myself and all my wonderful changes the way I am and the way I will be.
I want to stop being afraid of what people think of me, to stop caring if someone thinks I'm ugly or messy, stupid or foolish, too shy or too bold.  I want to be done with insecurities and embrace and love myself.
For me, this is a big first step in that direction.

The process...

First day with them all in...ahhh

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