Another fun adventure!  Sarah invited me out to her new place in Colorado to visit and see what I think of the area! 
It was amazing.
The flight was so long and terribly flat (flying over the middle states is the most boring flight I've even been on.) However! Colorado was awesome.

The first thing I did after landing was visit a nice hiking spot.  I didn't realize the elevation would affect me so much but it did, haha.  I was a little loopy the first day.

(Look! Climbers in the background)

Speaking of climbing, Sarah took us twice, the second time I just watched but Rob did so well.

 Second time around, view from the top...

And more snow...

And visted RMNP of course!

Oh yes, and let's not forget..my first legal weed ;)

Such a wonderful trip! I'm so happy I went and I'm seriously considering it now as a possibility in moving...
guess we will see what happens next.

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