Cascade Mountain

The first of the 46 my siblings and I have done.  This was also a bittersweet trip as I'm moving across the country soon.  I can't think of a better way to spend the last bit of my time in New York other than to spend it with my little hearts.
It's become a tradition to take my siblings on a camping trip up north every year.  2 nights, 2 hikes - one big and one small.  This year we decided to hike Cascade Mountain which is number 36 on the list of the 46 high peaks.  

After a good night's rest, everyone woke up happy and ready to go!

So much green!

<3 So much love to these two precious flowers.

Oh! And a pretty forest flower!

Almost to the top, but not quite there yet.

The ascent,

Such a beautifully sight after finally reaching the peak!


Ah yes, and the blackflies, oh the blackflies.  I guess that's what I get for planning a trip up north in June!  There were thousands of them, and they ate us all alive, but it was worth it!

Eli and Emily doing the shoo-fly dance.

On our way back down the mountain, Yazzy with no shoes on her feet of course.

A yummy vegan celebration lunch!

After the hike we spent the evening relaxing in Wilmington.  The kids love the beach, even when it's icy cold!  Although, Eli's favorite part is the digger.

Mermaid sisters!

Before leaving the next morning we made our way back to the beach for one last dip!

Eli showing off his muscles.

Another wonderful family trip!  I love them all, and I love these mountains.

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