Hello My Name Is

Hello, my name is 

I am a 
Nomad, Vegan, Feminist,
Student, Sister, Wife.

I study Biology at Paul Smith's College in the heart of the Adirondacks.
I am pursuing work with wildlife in conservation, rehabilitation, research, and education.
I am passionate about the environment, 
respecting the planet, and all the creatures upon it.

I am an activist for the environment, animal rights, women's rights, and anti-pornography.
I believe in love, in the spirit, and in the soul.

I make art when I'm not studying
Fiber, Pen, Paint, Photo, and Words.
Occasionally I throw in a few other materials.

I get anxious staying in one place.
I need to roam, to explore, to breathe in the air of foreign places.

I rant a lot,
laugh a lot,
love a lot.

I am an INFJ-T personality.
& admittedly crazy.

This Blog is about sharing passions, perspectives, art, and concerns.


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